Top 3: Fictional bedrooms to stay the night

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and fictional characters are no different. A character’s bedroom is a reflection on their personality, helping to add some form of realism to their on-screen character.

Some bedrooms are more iconic than others though, and here are our Top 3 bedrooms which we’d love to spend the night:

  1. Scarlett’s bedroom; Gone with the Wind

The beautiful wall carvings of Scarlett’s interior make this bedroom a luxury setting. Large, dusty pink sweeping drapes and a matching upholstered bed had us dreaming about an interior fit for a princess.

  1. The Great Gatsby; Jay Gatsby’s bedroom

A very close 2nd place is another truly luxurious bedroom. Jay Gatsby’s interior is set on 2 floors, with a winding staircase connecting his bed on the lower level with a wealth of storage space designed to house Gatsby’s infinite supply of tailored clothing.

  1. Toy Story; Andy’s bedroom

Our third choice is for your children, who may have liked Andy’s room in the film Toy Story. With plenty of space for an abundance of toys, we’re sure your children will love the playful colour scheme and the amount of room on offer!

Which fictional character’s bedroom would you like to stay in? Let us know on our social networks.

Feather & Black.

March 11th 2016

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