How to: Iron your fitted sheets without an iron

Keeping your bed linen looking its best all of the time can be a little challenging, with bed sheets wrinkling up as soon as we get them out of our washing machines or dryers.

But did you know there is no need to bring out the dreaded iron every time you want to iron out these creases?

First, pop your fitted sheet onto your mattress, over your mattress protector. Then, lightly spray all of the sheet with water; don’t drench it but enough to give it a light covering. Now just pull the sheet tightly over all corners and leave to dry. It’s as easy as that!

The same process can also be followed for duvet covers and pillowcases. Let us know on our social networks if you’ve tried this handy trick before. Take a look a closer look at the photos on this blog for a before and after shot of some creased bed linen.



March 4th 2016

Posted by: Feather & Black

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