Top 3: Ways to know if you need a new mattress

March is National Bed Month and so what better time to talk about the health and general well-being of your mattress. If we really do spend one-third of our lifetime sleeping, then we think it’s very important that your mattress provides the comfort and support which you need. Here are the top 3 signs which mean your mattress needs replacing: If you notice your mattress is becoming lumpy or squeaks when you sit on it, it’s definitely time for a new one. You’re supposed to feel refreshed when you get up in the mornings, but if you’re feeling tired or...


March 28th 2016


How to: Best organise yourself for a house move

Packing for a house move is stressful at the best of times. Moving day is looming and you realise that you can't put off the packing any longer. What about those breakables and family heirlooms? Try planning ahead and reduce the potential for disaster on your moving day: Before you even start packing, make a priority list and consider what will need careful packing, and which items are covered for breakages. It’s also a good idea to estimate how many boxes you’ll need and where you’re going to get these from. If you’re packing any paint, bleach or aerosols –...


March 25th 2016


Our Pick: Herman Rug

Our Herman Rug is one of our favourite new spring season additions. Handwoven in rich wool, the Herman Rug brings a fresh twist on a traditional design. Try accessorising this rug with other blue hues to help freshen up a tired room. £350.


March 21st 2016


My perfect bedtime

Hatty works in the Marketing department at our Chichester HQ and we took the time this week to ask her about her #perfectbedtimes; here’s what she had to say: My perfect bedtime routine is to come home from work and have a nice warm bath! Then I’ll have some dinner and jump into bed nice and early (with freshly clean linen, of course!) to watch my favourite TV show, TOWIE. I just love to wear stretchy cotton pjs, fluffy socks and my lovely dressing gown when I’m in bed too. I don’t really read too often, but I do occasionally...


March 18th 2016


Competition: Win our Easter Bunny

Take part in our latest competition and you could be in with a chance to win our gorgeously large Jellycat Easter bunny; a perfect present for your Easter-loving little one! With cute floppy ears and a lusciously soft coat, our bunny will make an extra-cuddly addition to your child’s growing toy collection. Enter the competition now:


March 14th 2016


Top 3: Fictional bedrooms to stay the night

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and fictional characters are no different. A character’s bedroom is a reflection on their personality, helping to add some form of realism to their on-screen character. Some bedrooms are more iconic than others though, and here are our Top 3 bedrooms which we’d love to spend the night: Scarlett’s bedroom; Gone with the Wind The beautiful wall carvings of Scarlett’s interior make this bedroom a luxury setting. Large, dusty pink sweeping drapes and a matching upholstered bed had us dreaming about an interior fit for a princess. The Great Gatsby; Jay Gatsby’s bedroom A very...


March 11th 2016


Get the Trend: The Gold Rush

The gold grandeur of our upholstered Louis bedstead captures this season’s on-trend, beautifully bold bedroom look with perfection. Try to create rich and warm interiors for the most glamourous of bedroom settings and don’t forget to mix this colour palette with strong metals and neutral tones if you want to make a real impression. Vibrant hues like gold will certainly catch the eye of your guests but if you’re less certain about committing to such rich tones, then perhaps just change bedding, drapes or pillows before making more permanent colour changes. Why not take a closer look at our Gold...


March 7th 2016


How to: Iron your fitted sheets without an iron

Keeping your bed linen looking its best all of the time can be a little challenging, with bed sheets wrinkling up as soon as we get them out of our washing machines or dryers. But did you know there is no need to bring out the dreaded iron every time you want to iron out these creases? First, pop your fitted sheet onto your mattress, over your mattress protector. Then, lightly spray all of the sheet with water; don’t drench it but enough to give it a light covering. Now just pull the sheet tightly over all corners and leave...


March 4th 2016