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Beatrix Potter’s famous children’s book The Tale of Peter Rabbit has sold millions of copies worldwide and so what better gift to giveaway this Easter time than a Peter Rabbit cuddly toy?

Altogether, we have six cuddly toys to give away to six lucky winners. Five of them are being displayed in selected Feather & Black stores – Oxford, Cheltenham, Fulham, Chiswick and Henley to be precise! So if these stores are nearby to you, drop in and say hello to Peter Rabbit and enter the competition here to take him home.

However, if these stores aren’t within a stone’s throw, fear not as you can also enter the competition online. All entrants have to do is submit their contact details before the competition closes on Sunday 12th April 2015. It’s as easy as that!

All you need to know about Peter Rabbit

So as we’re running the competition, I thought I would brush up on my Peter Rabbit knowledge and do some quick background reading. I can remember having a copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit book which shot Peter Rabbit to stardom on my bookshelf when I was younger, but I can’t remember a lot about the character now.

For instance, did you know that Peter Rabbit was based on a real rabbit kept by Beatrix Potter called Peter Piper? She wrote that he was very good at tricks and that his temper was unfailingly sweet! Also, Peter Rabbit's favourite food is radishes instead of the more traditional bunny rabbit delicacy, carrots.

Peter Rabbit on the big screen

I found out that Beatrix Potter originally wrote the story of Peter Rabbit in a letter which included some sketches illustrating the story before it was published. There was also a film – called Miss Potter (2006) – which centred around how the famous books were first developed and featured Hollywood stars Ewan McGregor and Renée Zellweger.

March 13th 2015

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