Ever wondered where your mind drifts to at night? If you have, you’re definitely not the first. Dreaming is one of those things that just happens, and despite so much scientific research around the topic, dreaming can still be very mysterious and quite often unexplainable.

One of the most common dreams is the sensation of being lost or trapped, which can be tracked back to a person’s real life feelings. For example, you may feel stuck in your job and unsure of what the future holds. The most likely source of your dreams are what you think about just before going to sleep.

Common dreams

You may think this makes sense, but it isn’t always the case. Dreams can be formed by past memories or experiences locked away in your brain from a long time ago. The fact is though that we all dream, whether we remember them in the morning or not. In fact, studies have revealed that we lose memory of what we dream about almost instantly after we wake up.

Occasionally, our dream world goes into overdrive and we can dream as many as 6-7 times during one night, mostly because our brain is much more active at night than during the day.

Why do we dream?

The study of dreaming is called Oneirology. One of the more well-known theories about dreaming comes from Sigmund Freud, who researched dreaming and its effects. He suggested that dreams are all connected to wish fulfilments and – no matter how frightening they can sometimes be – can be looked at as a way of getting something you want. Did you also know that the term ‘Freudian slip’ was named after the same Sigmund Freud, after he proved the idea using his own examples?

Another less popular theory states that our dreams act as rubbish filters, clearing our minds of useless thoughts and making way for better ones. While I’m not too sure about this one, maybe this makes more sense with your dreams.

I’ve also never had a recurring dream which plays over and over again, have you? I’d be interested to know what it was about, and did it just fade away or are you still having the same dream?

March 19th 2015

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