Clocks go forward

We all love our Sunday morning lie-ins but those who love to snooze on the traditional day of rest will lose an hour’s sleep on Sunday 29th March, as the clocks go forward one hour to signal the beginning of my favourite time of year – British Summer Time (BST)!

There’s nothing better than waking up with a bit of sunlight streaming through your bedroom’s window which, for me, is much better than hearing the lashing of rain on your windows during the colder Winter months.

While most of our smartphones and tablets will automatically update (woohoo!), some of us will be unhooking clocks from our kitchen or lounge walls and asking – as we all do every year no doubt – why daylight savings were introduced in the first place?

Well, the idea behind the move was to provide a way to save energy by moving an additional hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. This first took place in the UK in May 1916.

Summer nights

Lighter evenings and late night barbecues in cool temperatures are back on the agenda, and that also means it’s time to dig out your summer duvet which you packed away back in September. If you haven’t got a summer duvet, why not take a quick look at our Goose Down duvets, available with a 4.5 tog. A lower thread count will help you feel cooler during those warmer evenings in bed.

However, extra daylight hours might also mean your children struggle to settle down at night time because their bedroom surroundings are still quite light. If this sounds familiar, have you tried buying some blackout blinds or curtains to help darken the room? Having very active little ones getting up even earlier can be tiresome, especially if you’ve got a lie in planned for the weekend!

Sleep Survey 2015

Fancy winning one of ten pairs of luxurious duck feather and down pillows? Just fill in our Sleep Survey 2015 and you could be lucky enough to be taking these lovely pillows home! Be quick though, competition ends on Sunday 29th March 2015.

For now though, tell us if you think Daylight Savings are a good idea, or would you prefer to stick to one time, all year round instead? Let us know on our social media networks.

March 24th 2015

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