The ultimate in wallpapers

I stumbled across this on my daily inspirational saunter across the internet and absolutely fell in love with the ingenious nature of these fabulous new wallpaper designs from Sian Zeng.

Magnetic have you ever heard of such a thing? I love the elegance of these cutsey designs that allow your imagination to run wild. I know that my children would love to have a go at expressing themselves on the walls, without the need to repaint! No more crayons on your clean white walls, this clever wallpaper comes with 5 complimentary magnets for the fun to begin but collecting other magnets that would look good would certainly be a great pastime.

So now i'm thinking what next?... Edible wallpaper? Now that would be cool. I know Willy Wonka may have invented it but if anyone knows where I can get some, please do let me know..

March 27th 2012

Posted by: Feather & Black

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