Top 3: Children’s books for Summer

Is your child a keen reader? We’ve collected a list of our top 3 children’s books for summer – perfect for them to start reading during their 6-week summer break.

  1. If they’re a fan of Doctor Who and are familiar with Mr. Men, they’ll enjoy reading Dr Twelfth. Daleks are dodged and Cybermen are evaded in this book, which fuses together two well-known British institutions during an adventure through time and space!
  1. Aimed at children between 9-11-years-old, Thunderstruck tells the story of two children who survive being hit by lightning to gain the ability to see ghosts and go on to investigate some spooky goings-on at their school. Written by Ali Sparkes.

      3. Paddington’s Finest Hour is a classic, warm-hearted treat both for children and the adults who loved Paddington’s misadventures when             they themselves were children. Paddington again leaves chaos in his wake in his latest venture, written by Michael Bond.

Is your child part of a summer holiday reading club? These are usually run by your local library. Let us know in the comments if your child manages to pick up one of these books and whether  they enjoyed reading it.

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June 30th 2017

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