How to: Decorate your bedroom according to your star sign

Are you in need of some extra inspiration to for your next bedroom look? Decorating according to your sign in the zodiac can provide a room which feels more adapted to your traits and help nurture your personal qualities. Find your star sign below and see how you can best decorate your space according to your path in the stars.


People with the Aries sign can be described as, ‘a do-er’, restless and a lover of challenge. It is also one of the signs associated with fire, which makes Aries naturally drawn toward red, scarlet and ruby shades – so a bright palette with red accents would be an ideal choice.


Represented by the bull, the sign is drawn toward earthy browns, shades of green and pastel colours. With that in mind, a simple, but rich and deeply-coloured space, is key to setting up the perfect Taurus interior.


A Gemini can be described as fun-loving, curious and erratic, therefore we’d say that a true Gemini is a lover of pattern and print, and can skilfully mix and match them with their adaptability to different situations.


You could describe those with this water sign as absorbed in moods, cautious around new people and a real nurturer. Therefore, a Cancer will love basking in calming greys and luxurious pieces like soft throws which will help them sink deeper into their thoughts and feelings.


A Leo is considered as proud, dignified, expressive, big-hearted and ambitious. It is a fire sign associated with the colours of summer, when this phase in the zodiac occurs. A room which puts loud colours to good use is perfect for these charismatic personalities.


Virgos are perfectionists, a lover of routine and extremely conscientious. Colours associated with this sign range from white to other muted primary colours, such as indigo. Virgos should accommodate sleek countertops and drawers which allow those with this sign to arrange everything exactly to their taste.


Libras are said to be lovers of beauty and art, culture and sophistication. A bedroom space which has art on show would be ideal, to help bring out their creative side. This personality strives for balance, as represented by the scales, and so their bedroom should display a spectrum of colours all in tune with one another.


A room featuring dynamic shades will serve Scorpio well, it also doesn't hurt to include pieces with subtle complexity or that make a bold statement, like a statement wall with an eye-catching colour scheme. This is because Scorpios are said to be able to focus on powerful undercurrents which, for the bedroom, mean bold decoration serve to their taste.


The Sagittarius is amiable, a go-getter and world traveller type of person, associated with qualities such as cheerful, athletic and considerate. A Sagittarius is said to be enlivened by the colour purple as it is a sign of spiritual knowledge. Accessories which satisfy their travelling tendencies are also popular, such as tribal prints.


This sturdy figure, much like the Taurus, is said to be attracted to earth tones as well as organic shades of brown from copper and leather. This bedroom palette is reflective of the enduring personality of the goat sign, which sees beyond short-term trends and instead sticks to traditional decoration.


Associated with qualities such as eccentricity, glamour and leadership, this sign pushes creative limits and tends to think outside-the-box when it comes to space design. Opting for an unusual but stunning palette, such as metallic or electric colours, is exactly what the waterbearer sign needs to have to feel in the right place.


Enchanting, expressive and devoted are traditional Pisces qualities and this means a bedroom with dark blues and golds should help bring the best out of these most imaginative people. Also consider bedroom art and a bedroom high on space to help satisfy their expressive side.

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June 16th 2017

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