Get The Trend: Global Nomad

Global Nomad is a trend which promises to inject colour, character and a sense of travel into your bedroom look. Simply put, Global Nomad features a variety of rich textures and is easily added to your interior.

For example, accessories with patterning on them – like our Yasmin Embroidered Cushions – are perfect for the Global Nomad look because they have a Moroccan feel to them. Also, in terms of furniture, our Trunks range are ideal as they have clear American undertones. Choose our Houston Chest for a throwback from the past, capturing both artisan appeal and timeless style.

Ethnic prints and an African tribal themes also fit with the Global Nomad trend, which works in both period and contemporary homes. However, we’d recommend that if you’re choosing brightly coloured or patterned bed linen, it may be best to opt for a neutral colour scheme. Global Nomad shouldn’t be overwhelming; instead look for pops of colour statements.

To finish off your look, add in some tall, exotic green plants too. Green as a colour would also fit the trend because it expresses a relaxed, almost alfresco, sort of look.

Do you think Global Nomad would suit your home? You can let us know on Twitter or in the comments below, we’d love to hear what you think.

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Feather & Black

June 23rd 2017

Posted by: Feather & Black