Top 3: Storage Solutions

We all like our home to look nice and tidy all the time, but the problem is we often just don't have enough storage to play with. However, we think Pinterest is a useful tool which can help turn your interior into a well-organised, ship-shape haven.

  • Make use of your stairs

Try turning your stairs into well-sized, pull-out drawers to help fix your storage woes. The room underneath your stairs are what some call ‘dead space’ – so make sure you fully take advantage.

  • Baskets

Baskets are nice little additions which can be dotted around the home to keep a range of odd bits-and-bobs nicely tucked away. In fact, they are ideal for parents wanting a more stylised accessory for their living room to neatly house your little one’s toys.

  • Shoe Space

Organise your shoes into a not only an ideal storage solution, but also an eye-catching display.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen any other good storage solution ideas.

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June 17th 2016

Posted by: Feather & Black

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