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If your mattress isn’t giving you the comfort and support you need, try entering our latest competition where you can win a new Hypnos Cornwell mattress, worth £899. With 1,800 pocket springs, you'll be well on your way to the perfect night's sleep. Enter here. Competition closes on Sunday 17th July 2016. Good luck!


June 27th 2016


My Perfect Bedtime

We caught up with F&B Assistant Buyer, Charlotte and talked about her perfect bedtime. Here’s what she had to say: F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Charlotte: I have to make sure my bedroom is clear then I shower, tucked up into freshly dried sheets straight off the line. What’s your perfect bedtime read? I read to my daughter while having a cuddle, that’s about all I read before bedtime. What or who is your perfect bedtime partner? A very lovely mattress, without that, bed time will never be perfect. I probably should also include my husband! What’s your perfect...


June 24th 2016


Our Pick: Azulejo Jacquard Linen

Available in indigo blue and crisp white, our Azulejo Jacquard Linen is the perfect summer addition to your bedroom. Exclusively made in Portugal, this 100% cotton jacquard sateen takes inspiration from authentic Azulejo tile decorations. From £18


June 20th 2016


Top 3: Storage Solutions

We all like our home to look nice and tidy all the time, but the problem is we often just don't have enough storage to play with. However, we think Pinterest is a useful tool which can help turn your interior into a well-organised, ship-shape haven . Make use of your stairs Try turning your stairs into well-sized, pull-out drawers to help fix your storage woes. The room underneath your stairs are what some call ‘dead space’ – so make sure you fully take advantage. Baskets Baskets are nice little additions which can be dotted around the home to keep...


June 17th 2016


Get the Trend: Botanicals

Give your bedroom an on-trend update with the addition of green-natured botanicals this summer. This year, botanic and aquatic themes are due to play a major style role, but this trend can be difficult to implement with good effect. If you’re stuck for ideas, try starting to experiment with bold wallpapering adorned with plant-related artwork. Or, for a lighter take, try looking for the rich green textures of a plant’s leaves and put these on display in your bedroom. Act with caution and use these sparingly though; overcrowding your interior space with plants can look too overwhelming. Make sure you...


June 13th 2016


How to: Sleep better during exam season

Students across the country are right in the middle of exam season and might be starting to feel under pressure to get the grades their hard work deserves. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential if you want to perform at your best and so here are a few helpful tips to help you along the way: Try to go to bed early Late night TV just isn’t worth it on the eve of an exam, you’d be better off drifting off to sleep a little earlier than usual. Sleep is especially important during studying because it allows the brain...


June 10th 2016


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June 6th 2016


Daniel Wade: My Perfect Bedtime

This week, Feather & Black MD Daniel Wade talks about his #perfectbedtime: F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine? Dan: I don’t have a bedtime routine per say…other than open the window for a cool night’s sleep! What’s your perfect bedtime read? Normally catch up on what’s going on in the world on Sky news. What or who is your perfect bedtime partner? My cuddly toy, Dan the Dog! What’s your perfect nightwear? T-Shirt and boxers. Where would be your perfect place to fall asleep? Mustique Island, in a hammock, under a palm tree, listening to the waves crash and the...


June 3rd 2016