Keep cool in bed this Summer

With warmer temperatures looking like they are here to stay, we thought it would be a good time to remind you of a few handy tips on how to keep yourself cool at night.

After a long day at the office, laying awake in bed at night too warm to sleep is the last thing you need. Kicking the covers off seems to be only a temporary solution, but the best answer may only be a few paragraphs away…

Summer duvets

Many will tell you to invest in a summer duvet, and they’d be right. A 4.5 tog is the one to look out for, which will help your bedding feel a lot lighter. Wriggling around with a higher tog duvet is something which I hate so I’d definitely recommend purchasing one if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Alternatively, try going to sleep under just a bed sheet or throw when a duvet seems too much. Or another recommendation that I know people have tried is putting your pillow or pillow case in the fridge for a couple of minutes before heading to the land of slumber. A little quirky maybe, but it could have the desired effect and help you nod off.

Too hot to sleep

Keeping your room well ventilated is also another tip and you can easily do this by opening as many windows as you can, or leaving the bedroom door open. Try to get cold before getting into bed too as once you’re in bed under a duvet, you’re body temperature is only going to increase.


June 19th 2015

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