Children won't sleep at night

Mum of two, Tami, shares her challenging experience with sleep and her children

We have always had problems with both of our children’s sleep routines.

Our first child, Little Mr A was not a good sleeper. I suppose we were partly to blame as we would cuddle him to sleep and then he wouldn’t go down in his cot by himself so would stay with us downstairs, sleeping on the sofa until it was time for us to go to bed. About 90% of the time he would end up sleeping with us in the middle of our bed. Whenever we put him in his cot, he would scream. No amount of comforting would settle him.

"About 90% of the time he would end up sleeping with us in the middle of our bed"

We tried all sorts of different routines as he got older. Once he was old enough, we removed the bars from his cot and turned it into a toddler bed. We would take him up after his story and milk and sit by the side of his bed until he would go to sleep. Some nights this could go on until 9pm, two hours after we had taken him upstairs. We would try creeping out of his room when we thought he was asleep, but the slightest noise of the stair gate or a creaky floorboard would wake him up again. It was a real drain on both my husband and myself and was no good for our relationship at all! We would argue a lot and were both exhausted. After a long day at work it is really important to have some time to yourself as well as together as a couple, and we just weren’t getting that at all.

As that tactic wasn’t working we tried controlled crying. This didn’t last long either! Little Mr A would get himself so upset and neither my husband nor myself could stand to see him like that.

A slow change

As Little Mr A got older he did grow out of it to an extent. We would be able to get him down to bed at a reasonable time, however, as soon as we went up to bed he would hear us and, more often than not, end up sleeping in our bed for the night.

It wasn’t until he was nearly four that he suddenly started sleeping through the night. We didn’t do anything differently; he just seemed to grow out of it! Once he started school, shortly after his fourth birthday, he was so tired he would happily go upstairs at 7pm, have a story and sleep through until 7am the next morning. It was heaven finally having the bed to ourselves and a proper nights sleep!

"It wasn’t until he was nearly four that he suddenly started sleeping through the night"

Just as we got one child sorted, along came our daughter, Little Miss A. Both my husband and myself were determined that we would try and sort out the sleep routine earlier with her.

Not much changes

Things got off to a good start. Little Miss A would go down in her Moses basket or crib to sleep without any fuss at all. Once she moved to her own room she would go down at 7pm and not wake until she needed her night feed. We were feeling very happy that things would be different this time!

However, once she started teething, the problems really began. She wouldn’t settle on her own and so we began the cuddling to sleep that we said we wouldn’t do! For (what felt like a long time) we couldn’t put her down as she would just wake up screaming and wouldn’t go back to sleep unless we cuddled her.

June 6th 2014

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