What's in a name: Brighton

Our colourful new kid’s bed takes its inspiration from this iconic seaside town. Most people just change the sheets; with this bed you can change its upholstery! The covers are detachable and washable; they can even be swapped for an alternate colour scheme if you wish. Our Brighton bed is available in a triad of colours and can be switched from red to blue to natural. When naming the bed Brighton immediately sprung to mind. Its gloriously multicoloured laneways and beach huts make Brighton one of the most vibrant places to visit. Now who’s for some rock?


June 24th 2010


Decorating is child's play

Once you have chosen the perfect furniture for your little one, add some fun and a unique sense of style with accessories. There are lots of great kid’s accessories around, but here are our pick of the bunch. If you have kid’s you probably prefer an easy care painted wall in one colour for their bedroom or playroom, a great way to make it more fun is to use wall stickers. Stickers Wall do a huge selection of wall stickers from silhouettes to full colour extravaganza’s that will be a huge hit with your little monsters. They don’t just stop...


June 16th 2010


Bean Bag Crazy

Well what a lovely surprise all this hot weather has been! Drifting up through our office window the waft of BBQs and the passing tinkling of an ice-cream van melody is cruelly tantalizing, but signal English summertime. Just in time we have introduced these delicious beanbags into our stores. They would be wonderful for the playroom and sublime for the garden, they are very hardwearing and even shower proof as long as it’s not torrential! Kids will love them and I’m sure the yellow urban lounger will be suitable for larger derrières too!


June 4th 2010


The answer to all mum's prayers

Hands up those who would like a tidy house? Then you’re in luck. Our Noah collection has a new trick up its sleeve. This brilliant storage system will accommodate your home as well as your storage needs. Made up of 5 individual units that can be arranged in many different combinations that can be filled with an array of canvas storage to hide the mess or display the mess your choice, you also have a choice of pink, red or navy. This range has longevity and will fulfil your family’s needs until they fly the nest. That giant apple is...


June 1st 2010