How to: Decide on your perfect size of bed

When you are kitting out a bedroom with new furniture, one of the most important decisions to make is regarding the size of the bed. Beds are available in a number of sizes with the most common dilemma being choosing between a double or a king size bed.

The difference between a double and king is purely a matter of an extra foot or so; a king mattress will provide you with that extra bit of space.

If it’s a large bed with extra wriggle room, then look no further than a king size bed. However, when you’re deciding between the two sizes, it’s always best to consider your individual needs first.

  • Are you sharing a bed with somebody else?
  • Do you find you sleep better when you have more space on offer?
  • Have you become accustomed to a certain size of bed, which you’d like to stick with?
  • How big is your bedroom? Would a bigger size fit in well?
  • If you have children – do they like climbing into bed with you at the weekend? A bigger bed may be best if they do!
  • Access is also important, getting a king/super king size bed is sometimes difficult in flats with limited access – a double could save you some hassle come delivery day.

When it comes to the size of your bed, it’s important to think these things through before you make your final choice. If you’d like a little extra help with your decision-making process, then the experts at F&B would be delighted to help you – just pop in to your nearest store today.

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July 28th 2017

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