Get the Trend: Gustavian

Gustavian elegance traces back to the 1780s, when it was the style of decor used in the Swedish royal palaces. It was brought to Sweden by King Gustav III following a visit to the Palace of Versailles, where he was so impressed by what he saw that, upon returning home, he decided to create his own “Paris of the North”.

The style is best characterised by pale roomsets, accessorised with large mirrors and lighting – most likely to be a glamourous chandelier. Since King Gustav III’s death in 1792, the king has become synonymous with a style of furniture that is now known throughout the world. And earlier this summer, Gustavian style reached F&B in the form of our new Verona collection, which has the same neutral appeal and clean lines which King Gustav III would have admired.

Furthermore, the legs on tables and chairs are usually carved with intricate detailing and the large mirrors employed to maximise the light during long winters. Today, with Gustavian very much back in fashion, original pieces dating from the 18th century can fetch thousands of pounds at auction!

Do you think Gustavian styling would suit your bedroom? Let us know in the comments, plus take a closer look at our Gustavian-inspired Verona range here.

July 14th 2017

Posted by: Feather & Black

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