Top 3: Bedroom Colours for Summer

Bring the summer inside with the help of our favourite seasonal shades. We’re thinking about cool breezes, warm evenings and low sunsets – but how can we incorporate that into our interiors? #1 Florida Pink An intense shade of pink to help absorb the levels of natural light. It’s warm, cheery and give your bedroom a sense of vintage appeal. We love it’s calming tones too. Take a closer look at Florida Pink . #2 Lemon Not for the fainthearted, this is an acidic type of yellow. It’s bright, albeit slightly exotic, and you’re probably going to find this on...


July 31st 2017


How to: Decide on your perfect size of bed

When you are kitting out a bedroom with new furniture, one of the most important decisions to make is regarding the size of the bed. Beds are available in a number of sizes with the most common dilemma being choosing between a double or a king size bed. The difference between a double and king is purely a matter of an extra foot or so; a king mattress will provide you with that extra bit of space. If it’s a large bed with extra wriggle room, then look no further than a king size bed. However, when you’re deciding between...


July 28th 2017


Our Pick: Kids Wall Mounts

Say hello to our range of children’s wall mounts, Mia Deer ; Bonnie Bambi and Belle Gazelle . They’re the perfect, fun-loving bedroom addition for your children’s wall this summer. Crafted from seagrass, we think they’d all make a lovely impression. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below or feel free to send us a message on Twitter. See you soon!


July 24th 2017


In the Making: Linens

We went behind the scenes at one of our luxury jacquard linen providers last week, so keep on reading to find out more about how they manage to keep our linen so sumptuously soft… How are these products made? Jacquard woven fabric is produced on a special weaving loom fitted with a jacquard patterning mechanism. This device enables the individual selection and lifting of any of the warp threads (which run vertically along all linen fabrics), allowing a wide variety of complex patterns and designs to be produced. This helps us to make so many different patterns. Jacquard woven fabrics...


July 21st 2017


How to: Be healthier to aid sleep

The recommended amount of sleep adults should get is 8 hours per night, but many of us struggle to achieve this on a consistent basis. However, our healthy sleep habits could help permanently banish those night-time struggles. Many who struggle to sleep worry about the past (how little sleep they have had) and the future (how bad things will be if they don’t sleep), which only increases night-time arousal and cultivates a “learnt response”, where the brain repeats the pattern each night. Mindfulness – focusing on the present moment – has been shown to increase the speed at which people...


July 17th 2017


Get the Trend: Gustavian

Gustavian elegance traces back to the 1780s, when it was the style of decor used in the Swedish royal palaces. It was brought to Sweden by King Gustav III following a visit to the Palace of Versailles, where he was so impressed by what he saw that, upon returning home, he decided to create his own “Paris of the North”. The style is best characterised by pale roomsets, accessorised with large mirrors and lighting – most likely to be a glamourous chandelier. Since King Gustav III’s death in 1792, the king has become synonymous with a style of furniture that...


July 14th 2017


In the Making: Luxury Mattresses

Last week, we caught up with our luxury mattress provider and went behind the scenes to see how they manufacture their sumptuously soft mattresses. Harrison Spinks produce all our luxury pocket sprung mattresses , including The London Collection. They have been making luxury mattresses since 1840 and supplying Feather & Black for 16 years. How are these products made? Some of the fillings that go into the mattresses start their life on a farm, located just 18 miles from their factory in North Yorkshire. Did you know that we work with the only bed manufacturer in the world to have...


July 10th 2017


How To: Prepare for a Home Delivery

For a smooth and straightforward delivery, it’s important to know how best to pre-prepare your home. First, before the delivery arrives, make sure you have thought about any hanging light fixtures which may get in the way. It might be worth taking these down if you think it will help avoid any accidents. Plus, you’ll want to think about moving any other furniture pieces which may get in the way and usher your pets to another room too. Make sure you use our measuring guide to double check your new addition fits in the space that you want it to....


July 7th 2017


Our Pick Trinity

Visually expand your bedroom space with our mirrored Trinity collection . With rose gold tinted edges and the most elegant of drop handles, this elegant range can fit in with any type of interior design or style. Giving the illusion of space, Trinity can create an increased amount of empty space in your bedroom, which instantly makes it feel more spacious as it helps to distribute natural light. Do you think our new Trinity furniture pieces will suit your bedroom? Let us know on Twitter, you can find us @FeatherandBlack . See you soon, Feather & Black.


July 3rd 2017