How to: Decorate kids bedrooms

A child’s bedroom has to take many forms because it’s used for sleeping, playing and working. Indeed, the best childrens’ bedrooms are multi-dimensional, but should also be a reflection of their personalities.


White and airy is a good option for young children who aren’t quite old enough to need a bedroom-style setup. Space to let them play is important, as is child-friendly storage space. An easily adaptable, neutral themed nursery also gives you more flexibility as they grow up and start developing their initial ideas about their favourite colours.

Children’s Bedroom

As your child grows up, their bedroom starts to take a different shape as it becomes more creative and meaningful. If you’re designing a bedroom which your children will have to share, try to make sure each child has an equal portion of the room. Again, clever storage plays a big role with baskets, trays and chests of drawers all good options.

If you have the luxury of space, then try to keep storage to the outer edges of the room so that children have a clearly identifiable place in which to play.

Teen bedroom

A good, well-styled desk becomes a must as they move through school years. Personality is more important than ever as teenagers want their room to help express themselves. ‘Cool’ becomes a vital feature too, and Pinterest is often a handy tool to help you find something different which will set their bedroom apart from the crowd.

Let us know in the comments if you’re decorating your child’s bedroom soon and let us know how it goes.

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July 15th 2016

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