How to: Best sleep on a plane

The worst part about a holiday is sometimes having to get up very early to catch a morning flight. Nobody wants to spend the first day of their summer getaway trying to recover, so try arriving refreshed by catching some sleep on the plane.

If your budget can stretch to a business, or better still, first-class upgrade then it’s worth paying the extra amount if you want the best chance of being comfortable enough to doze off. If you want to sleep, make sure you also travel in non-restrictive clothes too.

Avoid watching any in-flight entertainment on long haul flights, as this keeps your brain awake. Noise cancelling headphones may also help shut out all background noise.

Before trying to sleep, it’s also a good idea to ensure your seat belt is clearly fastened so that the air hostess can see it when they walk past; should you plan on staying asleep for the whole duration of the flight.

Also, while some may recommend alcohol to send you to sleep, herbal teas can also be an effective way to calm the mind during a flight.

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July 1st 2016

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