Summer Holiday Ideas

When I was at school, which seems a long while ago now, my favourite time of year that I would look forward to most would be the end of July because that means school was closed for Summer Holidays! Without homework to do or classes to go to, I would look forward to the next six weeks with real excitement. After all, the only downside were the irritating ‘Back to School’ TV adverts which appeared with increasing regularity as we edged closer to September…

As an adult now though, I can understand that Summer breaks must be a nightmare for parents. For some, potential childcare issues could cause unwanted headaches, but for others who usually have the house to themselves Monday-Friday, their little ones may start sounding like a broken record when they ask ‘what are we doing today, mummy?’

For children, answers are sought like gold dust, especially from personal experience because I was the type of child who would get bored easily – sorry mum! Sunny days were easier to plan of course, with rainy days being the most problematic ones. There’s only so many times you re-watch your favourite DVDs, right?

So to lend a helping hand to parents without a plan when it’s raining which, let’s be honest, is reasonably likely, I’d thought I’d collect a small to-do list – activities perfect for those drizzly midweek afternoons for children of all ages:

1. Bake Cakes

2. Visit Museums

3. Treaure Hunts

4. Reading Challenges

July 28th 2015

Posted by: Feather & Black

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