Create a coastal retreat

Creating a coastal retreat is all about linking your living space with the surrounding environment. It’s always best, when designing a coastal living space, to take inspiration from what’s just outside your door and replicating that aesthetic as closely as you can.

With summer already here, now is a perfect time for some decoration, renovation and above all, reinvention.

So here are 5 tips to creating your perfect coastal retreat:

1.) Light, Bright and pearly white – It’s all about letting in those rays, so keep those windows open and do away with the dark coloured curtains. Stick with pure white or pastel furniture. Our currentAvignon White Collection is perfect and would accompany any nautical design with ease.

2.) Not so deep blue - Living next door to the big deep blue is one thing but bringing this deep, dark colour into your living space can be overpowering. However, don’t be afraid to add a dash of colour into those gorgeous sandy shades - try some deep blue lamps or our collection ofLucie Navy Stripe Cushions.

3.) Whatever the weather – The coastal aesthetic is one that is difficult to mimic. It’s always best to mix and match with old and new furniture items. For all your modern needs, look no further than the Feather & Black Marblehead Collection. These American oak pieces would complement many vintage or antique furniture items that you choose to include.

Try using distressed wooden furniture additions to create that weathered ‘seafarer’ look. If you’re feeling confident, why not have a go at distressing some of your old wooden furniture yourself?

July 7th 2011

Posted by: Feather & Black

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