HOW TO: Pick the right pillow

You have the stylish bed, your perfect mattress and luxuriously snug duvet, but what about your pillow? Often an afterthought, having the right pillow can make all the difference in getting that longed for dreamy night’s sleep.

We share our tips for finding the one….


Feathers offer support and warmth, while soft airy down clusters give increased softness.  Upgrading to goose feather or down will improve warmth and loft without increased weight.  Made exclusively for us, our luxurious pillows are filled with the finest natural feather and down, creating a cloudlike quality that gives you optimum sumptuousness.


Made from man-made fibres, this is the perfect alternative for children, or for those who have asthma and allergies. Ideal if you like to wash your pillow regularly. Available in three pillow sizes and two firmnesses to suit your individual needs. 


Your pillow should keep your neck aligned with your spine to give optimum sleeping position and to prevent those aches and pains upon waking in the morning. Depending on how you sleep we recommend a different level of firmness.

Side sleepers:

Side sleepers need some extra firmness to support the neck, a duck feather and down or firm down pillow would suit you best.

Back sleepers:

A medium support pillow is best for back sleepers, choose one of our soft / medium pillows.

Front sleepers:

For those who sleep on their front a soft flattish pillow is required so that the neck isn’t too strained. Choose a soft pillow with a down filling.


Our standard size pillow fits most beds, however if you have a Super King or Emperor size bed then you should upgrade to a Super King pillow.

All our pillows come with a minimum of a 1 year warranty so you can be assured of complete satisfaction.

January 15th 2018

Posted by: Feather & Black