My Perfect Bedtime

This week, we caught up with IT Manager Wendy, who told us all about her #myperfectbedtime routine.

  • What’s your perfect bedtime routine?

There’s nothing better than going to bed knowing that you won’t be awoken by an alarm in the morning so I always prefer my weekend bedtime routine! Going to bed with clean and fresh bed linen, sinking into the mattress topper, especially on a cold winters night when the air is crisp outside!

  • What’s your perfect bedtime read?

I usually relax in bed for a while catching up on the news, social media and browsing Pinterest for more creative ideas, before my eyelids start struggling to stay open and I eventually give in.

  • What or who is your perfect bedtime partner?

Just me, myself and my comfy bed! At least I know I’ll get the perfect night’s sleep and there’s no struggle with the duvet.

  • Where would be your perfect place to fall asleep?

In my comfy bed and in my dream house.

  • Where would be your perfect destination to wake up?

The Maldives, where the villa overlooks the water and the sandy beach is in sight for my exhausting day ahead.

  • What’s your perfect kind of bed?

Nobody can beat their own bed!

January 27th 2017

Posted by: Feather & Black

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