Types of Sleeper

Did you know we spend around one third of our entire lifetime sleeping? However, some of us find it easier than others to drop off at night with the effects of a poor night’s sleep including irritability, low energy and ‘brain fog’.

A healthy amount of sleep can vary from person to person. But what type of sleeper are you? We’ve tried to divide you all into sleeper categories, so keep reading and see which one you belong to.

  1. Super Sixers

Getting under six hours of sleep per night means you belong to our opening category. About a third of those getting less sleep than they need tend to struggle to fall asleep in the first place. These people usually have what’s described as a ‘24/7 lifestyle’; specifically exposure to blue light from mobile phones and other gadgets, which suppresses the secretion of the sleep hormone, melatonin.

  1. Nappers

The Spanish swear by their siestas, but they’re not for everybody. Most experts agree that regular naps can have cognitive benefits, but daytime naps should be kept to less than 20 minutes if you’re to avoid this sleep pattern becoming a sleep cycle. Napping for more than the allotted time will mean your body could become reliant on it, so make sure you’re diligent with an alarm clock if you are a self-certified napper.

  1. Disturbed sleeper

Disturbed sleepers are people who get to sleep without any difficulty but then find themselves waking up in the middle of the night; usually concerned with work problems or other life stresses. The more anxious you are about getting back to sleep, the less likely it will happen, while some say that’s it’s better to get up if you’re still awake after 30 minutes. Starting a puzzle, for example, in the middle of the night may sound crazy, but focusing on an activity prevents your mind from racing as you stare at the ceiling!


January 13th 2016

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