Breakfast Week

This week (24-30 January 2016) is National Breakfast Week and to mark the occasion, we’d thought we’d get on board by describing our perfect breakfast! Breakfast, experts argue, is the most important meal of the day but despite this, many people skip the first meal of the day as they hurriedly get ready for work in the morning with research revealing this week that 1 in 4 of us consider breakfast a necessity rather than something to enjoy. Did you also know that if you’re a regular skipper of breakfast, you’re less likely to overeat throughout the rest of the...


January 28th 2016


Upholstered Dreams

We know that there’s so much choice in the upholstery market that finding your perfect match is a difficult task. Indeed, style preferences differ from person to person and while we all have our own design views, narrowing down the options is a tough task! So, we’re here to help you decide on your upholstered style, whether that be more of a dark and shadowy sort of sanctuary or a light and breezy themed interior. Grey Bedrooms We’re seeing grey become the on-trend option for 2016 and our ever-popular Pinterest board means we can assume that a cool yet sophisticated...


January 20th 2016


Types of Sleeper

Did you know we spend around one third of our entire lifetime sleeping? However, some of us find it easier than others to drop off at night with the effects of a poor night’s sleep including irritability, low energy and ‘brain fog’. A healthy amount of sleep can vary from person to person. But what type of sleeper are you? We’ve tried to divide you all into sleeper categories, so keep reading and see which one you belong to. Super Sixers Getting under six hours of sleep per night means you belong to our opening category. About a third of...


January 13th 2016


Redecorating your bedroom

With Christmas now over and the New Year well underway, it must be appealing to give your bedroom a refresh now all the Xmas decorations have been boxed away for another year. If you’re on the lookout for either a complete design change or just some new furniture pieces, you’ve come to the right place. In terms of bedroom décor trends, 2016 promises to award style to those who opt for simplified colour schemes, black and white shades with pops of bright colour, impressive centrepieces and oversized lighting features. Mixing contemporary technology with traditional furnishings is very much on-trend too,...


January 7th 2016