Cabin Beds vs Bunk Bed

Buying children's bedroom furniture is always slightly headache-inducing. Younger children are easier to buy for but when growth spurts start to happen the whole process can become a lot more difficult. As they grow older and their knick knacks start to double, the simple single bed in their room starts to look smaller and smaller. Bunk beds and cabin beds could be two options you explore when it comes to looking at other bed options for your kids. When it comes to choosing whether you opt for one over the other you need to think about what your children’s bedroom looks like and also what your child needs.

Cabin Beds

With an elevated bed and facilities like desks and wardrobes in the space underneath, children's cabin beds are perfect for those rooms that are smaller and space is at a premium. As children start to grow up and their possessions seem to double having storage solutions incorporated into furniture is a great way to keep organised.

Cabin beds for children are also great for those who have started school and are looking for a fun study area in their room. With the opportunity to leave the space underneath the bed completely free it also means the area your child has to play in is increased.

Cabin beds come in a variety of styles, materials and heights. Midsleepers like our popular Archie and Noah range aren’t as tall as high sleepers but still maintain the same functionality, and with the desk pulled out rather than incorporated into the frame, it creates a snug nook in the bedroom.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are another alternative to normal standard beds. Taking up the room of one single bed, bunk beds are great if you have two kids sleeping in one room. They are also great for sleeperovers and mean that you don’t have to pull out a spare mattress if your little one’s friends come to stay. Bunk beds are great if you have a larger room where you can facilitate having extra furniture for storage.

January 24th 2014

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