Cabin Beds vs Bunk Bed

Buying children's bedroom furniture is always slightly headache-inducing. Younger children are easier to buy for but when growth spurts start to happen the whole process can become a lot more difficult. As they grow older and their knick knacks start to double, the simple single bed in their room starts to look smaller and smaller. Bunk beds and cabin beds could be two options you explore when it comes to looking at other bed options for your kids. When it comes to choosing whether you opt for one over the other you need to think about what your children’s bedroom...


January 24th 2014


Spring Interior Trends 2014

Ombre Interiors From hair to the home, the ombre trend was everywhere in 2013 and that looks set to continue into spring 2014. Whether you want to paint a wall ombre or indulge in bedlinens and other accessories that illustrate the trend; there are a variety of ways to incorporate spring's must-have style into your bedroom. Below is a sneak peak of our Houston Chest on a beautifully bright green ombre wall. The mix of the darker leather trunks, botanical accessories and accents of white keep the whole look feeling fresh, which is perfect for spring. The ombre trend doesn’t...


January 9th 2014