I'm A Starfish

No wait, I’m a soldier! I have not gone crazy before you ask – I am simply trying to work out what type of personality I have! Here at Feather & Black we feel it is important to know what type of person our customers are. Are you a Yearner, a Foetus or a Free faller? These are some of the positions in which people sleep which say a lot about a person. Have you always slept in the same position and have done for years? Research found that most people are unlikely to change their sleeping position through the...


January 29th 2010


Introducing our new eco friendly mattress

Introducing the Hemingway mattress, one of the newest additions to our mattress story, and what a mighty fine addition it is. The Hemingway of course is of the same high quality as our current range of Pocket Sprung mattresses, but has a slightly different story to tell. Hemingway boasts a massive 8000 Revolution HD Pocket Springs. An award winning ‘coil within a coil’ spring system combining larger outer springs with a set of smaller springs nestling inside. This offers a highly responsive outer layer providing additional tension when more pressure is applied, meaning you get extra support when and where...


January 22nd 2010


A brief history of memory foam

At Feather & Black we always try to imagine what bedtime was like before memory foam was invented. The introduction of memory foam to the modern world has done what the iPod did to music; making sleep far more enjoyable and adaptive to your requirements. Memory foam is now one of the most popular materials used in mattress production around the world, with the majority of manufacturers and designers incorporating it to deal with high demand. It was only in 1999 that memory foam was widely available to the retail sector, however in the early 1970s NASA were using it...


January 19th 2010


Traditional v Modern bedroom styles

So you’re ready to start designing the bedroom of your dreams but what’s your style? Do you prefer something classic that won’t date easily or are you more of a modernist? Follow our tips to ensure a masterpiece bedroom, whatever your taste. A traditional bedroom creates a homey often understated environment. Period homes with tall ceilings, architraves and generous skirting boards lend themselves perfectly to larger pieces of furniture. A small bed will be lost in such grand surroundings. Choose pieces with curved form like a sleigh or cabriole leg style bed. Use layers of opulent curtains that drape to...


January 7th 2010