Top 3: Bedroom views to wake up to

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have an amazing bedroom view to wake up to every morning? What would you go for; bright and sunny, cold and mountainous or green and woodland?

This got us thinking at F&B head office and we’ve ranked our top 3 bedroom views after scouring the web for some Monday morning inspiration. Warning – this post will definitely have you dreaming about your next holiday…

  1. Beautiful Beach

As it’s so cold at the moment, we’ve ranked a beachside setting as number 1 because we think it’s what we’re all longing for this winter. The sun is high in the sky and there are some long shadows stretching across your bedroom floor. Pure bedroom bliss, especially if you wake up here on a weekend.

  1. Peace and Tranquillity

Early morning risers will get the most out of a quiet retreat. Imagine hearing the soft waves of the sea tapping into the landscape beneath your bedroom.

  1. Countryside Cabin

We love the style of these large Velux windows opening out to such a stunning countryside view. The ultimate British landscape.

Do you dream about having a view as lovely as these? We certainly do. Send us in your images of your perfect bedroom view on Twitter and we’ll add it to our Bedroom Views Pinterest board.

See you soon,

Feather & Black.

February 20th 2017

Posted by: Feather & Black