Sleep tips for the road ahead

A well-earned UK escape was the perfect way to spend half-term for many families this week but now as schools gear up for the start of another term, it’s almost time to pack away your things and make the long drive home. With the roads expected to be awash with many short-term holidaymakers this weekend, it seems like the ideal time to provide you with some tips and advice of what to do if, as the designated driver, you end up in the situation of being tired during a car journey. 

Get enough sleep

Did you know as much as 20% of road traffic accidents are sleep related? So before making a long journey, make sure you’ve had enough sleep the night before to maintain your alertness on the road. Talking to a passenger along the way also helps keep concentration; you may even suggest sharing the driving load if they don’t mind.

Scheduling pit-stops is also a good way to break up your journey and gives your mind an important rest. For example, taking breaks every 2 hours or so gives you enough time to have a drink, stretch your legs and freshen up.

Drink caffeine 

If drowsiness does strike, drinking caffeine will improve your alertness despite taking 30 minutes to get into your bloodstream. The safest thing to do, however, is always to find a good spot to pull over (perhaps a hard shoulder or a service station) and take a couple of minutes to re-compose yourself. Tiredness is more likely to strike between midnight and 6am because your body clock is used to be asleep, so try not to travel for a long period of time at night.

After your long drive, make sure you reward yourself, and your little ones, with a long rest – they’ll need to shake off any tiredness before heading back to school! Did you go away with the kids this half-term? Let us know what you got up to on our social networks.

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February 17th 2016

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