Half Term Bedtimes

February half-term is nearly here for many schoolchildren and that means your little ones may be wishing to go to bed slightly later than usual; given that their early morning school run is temporarily postponed. So how best do you come up with ideas to keep your child’s bedtime routine the same during the school break?

Children need to keep up their usual bedtime routines to avoid waking up without any energy after a few late nights. This is because their body becomes used to a particular sleep-wake cycle, so once they start staying up later, their internal body clock can become confused of what their regular bedtime is. Forcing your children to go to bed can be difficult, so try offering incentives, treats and exciting days out for the following morning, but only if they keep up their normal routine.

If that doesn’t work, there are foods that you can give to your child for breakfast to help their body clocks adjust after a late night. For example, multi-grain cereals for a good option, as are omelettes for protein or a nutritious fruit smoothie. All of these help provide high energy levels and can deliver that added boost to help your child get through the rest of the day.

Another useful tip this half term is to make sure you limit your child’s time exposure to bright lights before bedtime. This includes computers, tablets or televisions – which all halt the natural production of melatonin and so prevent your children from getting to sleep. If they usually read their school book before bed, encourage them to continue to do so. The closer you can stay to the usual Monday-Friday routine during half-term, the better!

What’s your child’s bedtime routine? Have they mentioned staying up late? Let us know on our social networks.

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February 11th 2016

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