Our Pick: Lille White

Lille White is our newest range and is simply perfect for refreshing your bedroom this Spring. We love its clean Colonial look which can be accessorised with hints of this Season’s on-trend blue and yellow colour palettes. Starting from £999.


February 29th 2016


Sleep tips for the road ahead

A well-earned UK escape was the perfect way to spend half-term for many families this week but now as schools gear up for the start of another term, it’s almost time to pack away your things and make the long drive home. With the roads expected to be awash with many short-term holidaymakers this weekend, it seems like the ideal time to provide you with some tips and advice of what to do if, as the designated driver, you end up in the situation of being tired during a car journey. Get enough sleep Did you know as much as...


February 17th 2016


Half Term Bedtimes

February half-term is nearly here for many schoolchildren and that means your little ones may be wishing to go to bed slightly later than usual; given that their early morning school run is temporarily postponed. So how best do you come up with ideas to keep your child’s bedtime routine the same during the school break? Children need to keep up their usual bedtime routines to avoid waking up without any energy after a few late nights. This is because their body becomes used to a particular sleep-wake cycle, so once they start staying up later, their internal body clock...


February 11th 2016


Be my Valentine

Valentine’s Day is loved by many, loathed by some, but for those who are falling head over heels this Valentine’s Day, we thought we could help you create the perfect bedroom setting for one of the most romantic days of the year. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary all year round, although Valentine’s Day provides the perfect excuse to spruce up the most important room in the house. The most obvious and quickest route down this path has to be bed linen. Indeed, fresh sheets and clean covers make going to bed pure luxury; you’ll soon be counting down the...


February 4th 2016