Update your bedroom on a budget

It’s getting close to spring; close to warmer days and greener trees. We’re opening the windows to a new year and a new bedroom. But after an expensive December we’re also thinking about how to create a fresh new bedroom on a budget. So we’ve come up with some ideas.

Step one – how to de-clutter your bedroom

Whether you’re a neat and tidy person or happy to relax in a slightly more cluttered bedroom; there’s always the potential to clear a little more space – and trust us – it’s an instant face-lift to any bedroom. This should be the room that you relax in and look forward to chilling out in. A spring refresh is the perfect time to bag up some unwanted clothes, trinkets or walk around your bedroom collecting everything that would be better placed in another room. Consider buying some storage for your bits and bobs, whether it’s small or large – a basket can hide a wealth of sins and create much needed space.

Step two – how to add colour to your bedroom

Ok, so perhaps a whole new suite of furniture isn’t on the cards, but you can still create a completely new feel by adding a splash of colour. Pull everything into the middle of the room and cover with dust sheets. Depending on the colour of your walls, you might want to give it a once over with a neutral colour first. Otherwise our top tip for redecorating on a budget is to go tester pot shopping. You’d be surprised at how far a little tester pot will go! They’re ideal for highlighting a small feature wall, or being bold and outlining the door, windows and along the skirting boards. If you pick a bright colour it can make a really strong statement.

Step three – how to choose new bed linen

If your room is calm and clutter-free, chances are it’s ready for a linen make-over. Your bed is the focal point of the room and where your eye will be drawn to. So give it a bit of love! Invest in some quality bed linen – the higher the thread count the softer and more luxurious it will feel. Depending on your bedroom’s colour scheme, ensure you have linen that will compliment and not clash. If you have simple, plain walls opt for a bed linen with more of a pattern or stronger colours – remembering to keep it calm though – anything too hectic will detract from your quality of sleep. So no Toy Story bed linen or kaleidoscope patterns please. Throws and cushions are another way to update a bed, and if you’re shopping in the sales you’re sure to find top quality bargains. Add a cosy feel to your bedroom with a luxury rug – it will break up the flow of plain carpet and if you choose wisely, will compliment your linen or wall colours.

Step four – add accessories to your bedroom

Furniture surfaces aren’t just for books, glasses of water and (if you’re anything like me) an array of beauty products spilling everywhere (refer to step one!) Furniture surfaces are for showcasing your personality. It’s where we really see who you are; through photos, personal knick-knacks, ornaments and flowers. Keep it simple, and make it yours. A good tip to remember is glass and mirrors act as a great way to reflect and channel light. They can help create a light and airy feel to a room, and the mirrors will give an illusion of extra space.

February 5th 2014

Posted by: Feather & Black

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