Black and White bedroom inspiration

From the catwalk to couches; the timeless trend of black and white is back for spring 2014. Straight from the runways of Erdem and Hemlut Lang this classic design can be effortlessly translated into a chic, sophisticated interior look. Monochrome interiors are striking and as Karl Lagerfeld said “black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means” meaning it will continue to outlast trends that come and go.

The Perfect Pallette

While many view black as a harsh, cold colour - within a monochrome interior it can make rooms feel larger as it defines floors or walls. If you feel that a palette of black and white may be too strong try using a variation of hues and tones to soften the look. A mix of dusky greys, matte blacks and creamy whites will feel warmer and would be a great alternative to a strong black and white theme.

Clashing Patterns

The simplicity of black and white allows you the freedom to take advantage and get creative. Monochrome may be the only interior scheme that welcomes clashing prints. A patchwork of zigzags, stripes and spots will add depth to an interior scheme that could otherwise feel empty. So why not play around with prints and see what works for you.

Mixing Textures

There is also the opportunity to experiment with textures. Reflective surfaces will reflect light and increase the perception of space. Opulent mirrored furniture like our Gatsby collection and chrome lamps would look sleek in black and white room. If you already have light coloured upholstery contrasting charcoal accessories will create a striking bedroom look.

Choosing Accessories

Painting your room is a serious commitment to an interior trend so why not experiment with other monochromatic elements. Dark bed linens in charcoal and misty greys like our Luxury Plain and Luca range will add drama and make an eye-catching bedspread especially if you team with contrasting fresh white cushions. Or you could even opt for a plush charcoal black upholstered bed for a sophisticated masculine twist on the theme.

February 11th 2014

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