An Icelandic Adventure

Working within the marketing team it's always useful to broaden your horizons with a bit of travelling for inspiration. After earning some time off from the 9 to 5, I ventured off with my other half to Iceland and WOW what a place.

I was lucky enough to experience the natural phenomena the Aurora Borealis (northern light) - magical and breathtaking are a few words that spring to mind. I couldn't believe what I was seeing as I stood in the middle of no where in -5˚C conditions. It didn't matter how cold it was they were spectacular and well worth it.

We didn't stop there the trip of a lifetime continued as we explored Iceland by day taking a snow mobile trip to see a glacier and frozen lake. We got to see an old volcano crater, our guide told us Bjork once played a concert from a boat in the middle of the water. I found the county fascinating, it is a place of extreme variety mixing the very hot and very cold together.

Not only the natural geology of the iceland stood out but the extraordinary people did too. In Reykjavik the people were friendly, kind and beamed good health. I was intrigued to learn how creative they are with just about every Icelander possessing a creative outlet like, music, art and poetry. This really shone through the city in the shops, cafes and bars. They had an eccentricity I couldn't help fall in love with.

I hope to visit there again one day and would encourage people to visit this very unique country.


February 22nd 2013

Posted by: Feather & Black

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