Spring has arrived

Spring is nearly here, bringing with it better weather (we hope!), fresh blooms, luscious grass, budding trees, new life and a sense of a fresh start. Now is the perfect time to begin freshening up your home, including your bedroom. Most people use this time of year to completely spring clean their life from top to bottom, de-cluttering and re-organising their homes. Once you have thrown out the pile of old magazines, cleared your wardrobe and given the clothes that no longer fit/you have never worn to the charity shop and filed away that mountain of paperwork why not take...


February 19th 2010


A brief history of pillows

At Feather & Black bedroom furniture we’re rather fond of a good quality pillow. Rewind several thousand years and so were the Ancient Egyptians who furnished their tombs in animated pillows; often mirroring the striking images on the walls around them. Even during this period, pillows were synonymous with wealth and decadence and quite literally the more pillows you had the better off you were! As patterns and dyes became more intricate, pillows developed as an art form, with China, Persia and Medieval Europe regarding them as valuable commodities. In the early 16th Century, Tudor England embraced pillows and they...


February 5th 2010