Top 3: Lighting tips for your bedroom

Make sure you achieve the most restful and functional lighting combination in your bedroom with the help of some of our best practice tips.

  • Keep Height In Mind

Always consider scale. Your bedroom would typically be 8 or 9 feet tall, so avoid lighting fixtures with long bodies and instead opt for shorter fixtures. These are ideal for both reading and provide enough light for good visibility.

  • Set The Mood

Ambience is key, but setting the right one can be difficult. Install light dimmers for good effect or coloured bulbs can also dramatically alter a bedroom’s mood too.

  • Technology

Gadgets can help control light like never before. High-tech controls, operated from your bedside, can easily turn lights on or off with a single touch of a button, therefore removing the need to jump out of bed – especially useful during those chilly winter months.

Which sort of light have you got in your bedroom? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to hear from you. Did you have any trouble setting the right bedroom mood?

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December 19th 2016

Posted by: Feather & Black

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