Get the Trend: Ski Lodge

One of the season’s new up-and-coming bedroom design trends is the ski lodge look. A beautiful chalet on the slopes seems to capture the essence of the mountains that surround it, creating a space of tranquillity and calm where you can peacefully reflect on your day.

Large wooden beams and irresistibly tall ceilings often characterise these beautiful bedroom spaces. Muted colour palates emphasise the natural materials of the chalet style, as well as aiding relaxation.

For the ultimate ski lodge look, think luxury velvets, faux fur rugs (to keep your feet warm, of course) and cable knit throws for additional layering. As it’s so cold outside, your chalet-style interior has to have a strong sense of warmth inside – and this is easily achieved by mixing deep brown hues with white linens. Experimenting with a concrete or wooden wall finish will also help your bedroom feel nice and cosy.

Do you think a ski lodge bedroom look would work well within your bedroom? We’d certainly love to wake up in a luxuriously-styled chalet this winter, wouldn’t you?

December 5th 2016

Posted by: Feather & Black