How to: Mix patterns in your bedroom

Making sure your patterns don’t clash is tough, but we can help you with some tips to make sure your patterns are used in the right way.

  • Complementing colours

If one is bold and striking, the other pattern should less so – think unobtrusive, calm and quiet. A clean and simple pattern up against a geometric one, for example, should work as long as your colours mix together well.

Mixing pastel patterns with primary colours will rarely work – these are just too contrasting. Instead try similar florals or a stripe and a check pattern if they are made from same set of dyes in the same hue.

  • Spread the pattern out evenly

Avoid putting all patterned pieces together on one side of a room as they'll throw the whole space off balance. Distributing solids and patterns smoothly throughout the room will provide a much more aesthetically pleasing look.

  • Big or small?

Achieve harmony by introducing bigger patterns or, if you’d prefer to draw attention to a particular section of the room, smaller patterns will suffice. An intricate pattern will also up the energy levels, while a larger one will bring a sense of calm. Always have this in mind when you choose your bedroom patterns. 

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December 16th 2016

Posted by: Feather & Black

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