Competition: Winter Bedroom Essentials

Have you entered our latest competition? One lucky winner will win one Velvet Throw and Cushion in Caviar, as well as a Cameron Table Lamp , to help their bedroom banish those winter blues. Do you think your bedroom needs an extra cosy layer? Enter our competition now . Please note, this competition closes on Sunday 25 th February 2017. T&Cs apply. Good luck, Feather & Black.


December 30th 2016


How to: Maximise space in small bedrooms

In every room of your house, there is always a better way to maximize the space you are getting out of it. For some areas it may be as simple as de-cluttering, but your bedroom is the most difficult because of the amount of space your bed (essential) takes up. The bed is not always the easiest obstacle to work around and therefore valuable space is wasted. The most obvious way to get more space in your small bedroom is to avoid large wardrobes, instead opting for rolling under bed storage which can hold clothes and belongings. This will give...


December 28th 2016


My Perfect Bedtime

Our latest #MyPerfectBedtime blog comes from Finance Manager, Luke - read what he had to say below... What’s your perfect bedtime routine? I don’t really have a bedtime routine as such, which my wife finds most annoying. Normally after I’ve put my son to bed and had some food it’s time to get the study books out until some unholy hour then some sort of brain dump for a bit, Xbox/Music/Chess then sleep! What’s your perfect bedtime read? Anything that supports my studies, apart from that I do enjoy reading Roald Dahl with my son before he goes to bed....


December 23rd 2016


Top 3: Lighting tips for your bedroom

Make sure you achieve the most restful and functional lighting combination in your bedroom with the help of some of our best practice tips. Keep Height In Mind Always consider scale. Your bedroom would typically be 8 or 9 feet tall, so avoid lighting fixtures with long bodies and instead opt for shorter fixtures. These are ideal for both reading and provide enough light for good visibility. Set The Mood Ambience is key, but setting the right one can be difficult. Install light dimmers for good effect or coloured bulbs can also dramatically alter a bedroom’s mood too. Technology Gadgets...


December 19th 2016


How to: Mix patterns in your bedroom

Making sure your patterns don’t clash is tough, but we can help you with some tips to make sure your patterns are used in the right way. Complementing colours If one is bold and striking, the other pattern should less so – think unobtrusive, calm and quiet. A clean and simple pattern up against a geometric one, for example, should work as long as your colours mix together well. Mixing pastel patterns with primary colours will rarely work – these are just too contrasting. Instead try similar florals or a stripe and a check pattern if they are made from...


December 16th 2016


Our Pick: Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Fully prepare for colder evenings with our Hungarian Goose Down Duvet , available with a 13.5 tog – perfect for snuggling under during frosty nights. From £155


December 12th 2016


Top 3: Sleep tips for the party season

As the peak of the party season approaches, it’s great to have a busy social life but, as a result your sleep patterns suffer. This can take its toll and so we’ve prepared a useful checklist to help you through a tiring month. Create a restful sleeping environment – neither too hot, nor too cold; and as quiet and dark as possible. Keep the Christmas decorations to the other parts of your home! Don’t end up compensating for lack of sleep by going too heavy on caffeine – especially in the evening. They interfere with falling asleep and prevent deep...


December 9th 2016


Get the Trend: Ski Lodge

One of the season’s new up-and-coming bedroom design trends is the ski lodge look. A beautiful chalet on the slopes seems to capture the essence of the mountains that surround it, creating a space of tranquillity and calm where you can peacefully reflect on your day. Large wooden beams and irresistibly tall ceilings often characterise these beautiful bedroom spaces. Muted colour palates emphasise the natural materials of the chalet style, as well as aiding relaxation. For the ultimate ski lodge look, think luxury velvets , faux fur rugs (to keep your feet warm, of course) and cable knit throws for...


December 5th 2016


Competition: Advent 2016

During the lead up to Christmas, we’re offering you the chance to win a prize in our Advent competition, which started yesterday and runs until Christmas Eve. Every day, we’ll be posting a prize on our official Facebook page and all you have to do to enter, is comment on our post. It really is that easy! Want to take part? Find out what today’s prize is here . See you soon, Feather & Black.


December 2nd 2016