Teenage Bedroom

Today's blog comes from Katie, our lovely PR consultant, who is blogging about her daughter's bedroom makeover...

First a confession, Tilly has only just turned 12 so is actually just short of the teenage zone. However, she is growing about three feet a week and her bedroom usually looks like a squat so I think she is close enough for me to comment. I devised a rather elaborate way of getting her to tidy her room. I suggested we work together to give it a decorative and functional overhaul. Sure, this is a long way round the problem, but I thought I might also learn something more about her, since I currently only know she doesn’t respond to shouting or threats.

Bedroom refresh

Last year I did upgrade what was essentially an oversize cot, for a small, Amelie double bed. Judging from the increasing amount of time she spends in it, this has been a good investment.  My one regret is that I didn’t buy a storage bed, which could have absorbed and concealed some of the vast acreage of ‘stuff’ she accumulates from one day to the next. I am simple in that if I can’t see it, I am happy. Initially sceptical of putting a child in a double bed, I can report it has been a triumph. Sleepovers are less aggravating without wrestling with trundle beds and when we have fantastic mother daughter moments of closeness, I can lie next to her in her world and tuck her in at the end.

Moving on from the bed, the cheap and cheerful cushions that I bought in a discount shop lasted like a bunch of petrol station flowers and went in the bin. The bed therefore became a blank canvas for us to work together layering textures and splashes of colour. Fine, there would have been quicker and cheaper ways of doing it, but teaching her a bit about colours and design whilst having fun is worth much. I managed to harness the “what does Tilly want for Christmas” to our practical end and we got a heavily subsidised but more than fabulous fur bed blanket, that she has taken to wrapping herself up in theatrically.  I adore an abundance of plump cushions on a bed to make it look inviting and luxurious. On that I am however seemingly alone. Pushing hard, I got approval for a modest number and the combination of silver chevron, paisley and linen coral more than makes up for any shortfall.

Tilly’s bedside light had The Nursery Window signature “Rabbits” shade and it was going to take something very special to trump it. The Lennon Lamp would be perfect, with the removable top Tilly’s optimistic suggestion was to fill it with sweets. The Rabbits shade now sits on her desk which makes me happy thinking perhaps she has not grown up so much after all.

With the room looking fresh and organised, we could both see the carpet was looking as tired as we were. Sadly the redecorating budget did not stretch that far, but something was definitely needed. A rug was the answer. We chose a chevron design offering a funky look without dominating and the pattern looks like it will hide marks well so we can get away with a more neutral colour option.

Whilst this was an expensive overhaul, I think most of the elements will provide a good backdrop for her over the coming years without dating. We both also really enjoyed doing it together.


December 4th 2015

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