Top tips for men this Christmas

Speaking from experience, some of us think that the Christmas challenge is well and truly over after you’ve searched the shops and bought all of your Christmas presents. However, you may need to think again because the seasonal challenge is far from finished! After all, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are all on the horizon – not to mention the tricky planning that often comes with New Year’s celebrations.

So, with all these merriments in the pipeline, it can be easy to lose sight of some of the festive season's most important things. But fear not, as we’ve prepared a useful survival checklist to help you through the Christmas season!

Survival checklist

1. Always plan ahead
Make sure you spend some time planning your festivities ahead of schedule, never leave it until the last minute. Christmas is always about friends and family so ensure your plans fit in with everyone else’s.

2. Have your toolbox to hand
Building your child’s new toy or doll’s house on Christmas Day morning is a common activity for most dads, so make sure you are available for construction duties if you have children. The first thing kids like to do on Christmas Day is play with their new things that Santa gave them, so make sure you are fully prepared!

3. Help out in the kitchen
If you’re hosting this Christmas, don’t forget that cooking for large numbers is never a one man job. Teamwork and communication skills are important if you want to give your guests a good Christmas dinner! And, of course, even more important if your guests are your in-laws…

Last minute gifts

Hopefully this section won’t be needed, but I have to put it in just in case. There’s nothing worse than struggling to find that perfect Christmas gift as you scour the web late at night. As a general rule of thumb if ordering online, make sure the company still offer pre-Christmas delivery. There are few things more worrying than nervously waiting for the postman every morning.

Selecting the gift wrapping option (if available) is also not a bad idea when pushed for time. The time it will save you post-delivery may prove vital – every minute counts when it comes to Christmas!

Christmas 2015

If all else fails, Christmas will come round again soon enough. If you think you could have done better this year, then change things around next year. Why not check out our website well in advance for the latest seasonal surprise which might make you a Christmas hero.

December 18th 2014

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