Sleep tips to survive the party season

December has long been considered the peak of party season as numerous Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve get-togethers seem to pile up. Of course, a packed diary means a fantastic social life, but unfortunately it also means one or two late nights and sore heads…

Partying the night away rather than resting up in bed after a long week at work can certainly take its toll so, with that in mind, we’ve prepared some sleep tips to help you through what can be a tiring month!

Sleep tips

Who can afford to spend so much time sleeping, you may ask? Well, the truth is, you can't afford not to. Losing even the smallest amount of sleep can mean losing a lot of energy and generally feeling very lethargic.

A lack of sleep can make you very forgetful, and can also lead to a reduced amount of cognitive brain activity which means you won’t be able to sleep effectively. So we took the time to gather some sleep tips from our friends at the Sleep Council to help you make the most of your mid-party season snooze.

Bedroom surroundings

It may sound obvious, but having your bedroom as dark as possible helps you doze off because it encourages production of a hormone called melatonin, which helps promote restful sleep. Even a fraction of light, from items such as laptops, mobile phones or an alarm clock, will reduce the production of this hormone to lower levels.

Keeping your bedroom cool is also another way to improve your sleep patterns. Our bodies are at their coolest early in the morning. So if you like your environment to be nice and toasty, beware that anything over 24c is likely to prove disruptive.

Turn down the noise

Noisy surroundings can be one of the most common sleep preventers, which ranges from noisy neighbours to frustratingly loud birds who decide to perch outside your window. However, steady sounds can have the opposite effect – believe it or not – which is why you can buy a ‘white noise’ CD to help you go to sleep. Investing in an old-fashioned, ticking clock could also be a great way to regulate your sleep pattern. Although some may find this trivial, studies show that listening to a steady tick night after night can improve the regularity of your sleep pattern.

Sleeping is also aided by reading, according to the Great British Bedtime Report by the Sleep Council, who reported that 39% of bedtime bookworms said that they slept well after reading.

Comfort is crucial

If you’re heading back from a work office do, there’s nothing worse than finding your bed too uncomfortable when all you want to do is doze off. Everyone wants something different from their bed, whether that’s a bit of extra protection for a troublesome back, or wanting a bit of a space buffer to help distance yourself from your partner’s snoring. If this is a problem for you, investing in a zip & link mattresses means you are able to have the best tension for both you and your partner, without skimping on sleep. Our handcrafted zip & link mattresses are two mattresses of different tensions which can be connected to any other tensioned mattress, available in King and Super King sizes.

December 15th 2014

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