The ultimate guide to a stress free Christmas

It’s that time of year when we’re rushing around frantically collecting last minute gifts, hanging the decorations, writing lists and of course; making sure the little ones are having a holly jolly Christmas time. There’s a big focus on making Christmas day perfect, but the time and energy you’ll save by opting out of a few things will be reflected in the calm and happy atmosphere you’ll be able to create.

You have eight days until it’s all hands to the deck, aka the 19 December. A really good tip I’ve found works every year is to buy a few extra little gifts for those poor unfortunates you may have forgotten, or not budgeted properly for. It won’t do for one great aunt to receive a fancy coffee-maker and the other a pack of hankies! So hit the sales and clearance items to pick some fancy-looking items, chocolates, a bottle of wine – anything that is versatile enough to be given to friends or family in an emergency!

It’s seven days until the big one, aka the 18 December. If you’re a lover of writing Christmas cards, and are found most evenings on the floor surrounded by cards and pens, remember to get them in the post on the 18th if you’re using 2nd class stamps. Of course my advice would be to skip the Christmas cards and instead donate the money to charity, or send an e-card. You’ll be saving pennies, time and lowering the stress factor. It’s a nice idea, but in order to do this stress-free you’d need to start writing them in July.

It’s six days until the glorious morn of Christmas, aka the 19 December. If you’re anything like me, you live for the grocery delivery man turning up with all your precious things. But Christmas is likely to be booked up solid. So elbow your way online, and secure your Christmas shopping delivery date. If however, you like skidding round the aisles with your trolley, clipping heels with your wheels and screeching ‘that’s my turkey!’ whilst diving head-first into the meat counter; my advice is to back away from the trolley and embrace the online – for Christmas at least. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress and time.


December 17th 2013

Posted by: Feather & Black

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