The double bed trend for children

You may have heard the latest emerging trend… the children are rising up; they want double beds for kids.  Around the ages of 7-10 children have big growth spurts, so their single beds tend to look a little small.

A lot of parents are now looking to invest in larger beds; ones that will see their child through to their teen years and beyond. It’s an investment, and one that you shouldn’t have to repeat any time soon. The styles, colours and designs of double beds give you much more flexibility when decorating your child’s room as well.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I was a child I was in a single bed. In fact, I was in a single bed until I moved in with my first long-term boyfriend. But times are changing, and whilst we had sleepovers – they certainly weren’t as frequent as they are today. Children love sleepovers, but if you only have a single bed it means shifting around furniture to make room for some bodies on the floor, or worse – blow up mattresses. The beauty of having a double bed for children is you can top-tail, or bunk in together. You can comfortably fit a trundle underneath as well so you can simply tidy it away or pull it out for the sleepovers.

Homework zone

Giving your child extra space with a double bed will also create an island for them to relax on. It’s the perfect place for stretching out with their homework or reading; it can actually be great encouragement and the motivation they need to spend some time on their after school studies.

If you don’t have enough room for a double bed, there are lots of varying styles that are designed just for this purpose. You can buy wonderful day beds that sit as a single, and can be pulled out into a double. Perhaps a bunk bed would be better, and you can find these with double beds at the bottom as well. Cabin beds are very popular as they afford you tonnes of space and can provide that much sought-after double bed too.

December 17th 2013

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