Dressing your Christmas Table

With most people’s attention on focussed on delivering the most delicious Christmas meal possible, creating a table that compliments your hard work in the kitchen can be overlooked. Ensuring your table is well dressed will not only accentuate the meal but create a festive atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy. We’ve put together a couple of tips on how to dress your table beautifully.

Picking a theme

A good place to start is to pick a theme, this will help you narrow down your choice of accessories and make the process of creating a perfect table a lot easier. Choosing a theme for your table is not as hard as it sounds as it’s likely that you’ve already picked one for your Christmas decorations. From a traditional scheme of red, green and gold to a more modern palette of metallic blues, pinks and silvers everyone has a preference on how their house is decorated for Christmas, remember there’s no right or wrong answer!

If you feel that having a distinctive Christmas theme may clash with your decorations there is always the option for a more simplistic approach. A simple theme of red and gold or monochrome will give a subtle nod to the festive season.

Choosing the accessories

Now that you have an idea for a theme, picking out accessories will hopefully be simple. Christmas is the time to be over the top with your tableware so napkins, table runners, candles and of course crackers are a definite must. A great way to incorporate Christmassy details is in the designs of your napkins and placeholders. Why not check out Pinterest or blogs for some great ideas of simple DIY placeholders that have a festive feel. These candy filled bauble placeholders in the image above look amazing and are easy to make.

Arrangements of holly are a great way to incorporate traditional festivity into a table design while filling a bon bon jar or even our glass huricane jar with baubles will make a contemporary centre piece. Make sure your table decorations aren’t too high as they may block out some guests and make passing around food difficult.

When it comes to choosing accessories the bottom line is to not make your table too crowded, there needs to be room for glasses, plates and elbows!

Christmas lighting

Candles are a great way to create instant mood lighting. Our antique candlesticks are elegant and would sit perfectly on a Christmas table– remember to have a candle snuffer on hand! Fairy lights don’t just have to be confined to the tree, why not experiment in displaying them around where you’ll be eating; the twinkling effect will add to the Christmassy atmosphere.

December 17th 2013

Posted by: Feather & Black

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