How to clean your duvet

Now that winter has its seasonal grasp on us all, it’s time for those well needed snug reinforcements. It’s such a shame that we just can’t go into hibernation until March and simply envelope ourselves in our duvet until we hear the birds sing their introduction to spring. If only.

The duvet is synonymous with comfort and warmth, so it’s essential that yours is clean and ready for some serious laying-in time at the weekends. Admittedly the thought of washing your duvet is a little discouraging; “what’s the best way to clean it”, and “how often do I have to” are all common questions from our customers, particularly at this time of the year.

We appreciate the importance of looking after your duvet, as we believe it will then look after you! Your bed is a haven for bugs and bacteria, so it’s imperative you maintain a hygienic sleeping environment to eliminate those nasty unwelcome guests. Follow our simple but effective tips below and you can look forward to a fresh and snug night’s sleep.

When dust mites or body odour infuses your duvet, that's the sign to clean it.
Shake out your duvet from time to time and hang it outside a while to air out.
Try to use a front-loading washing machine that will handle large loads.
Set your machine to a cool wash. If hand washing make sure the water is tepid.
Go to a local launderette if you don't have one and use a low alkaline, neutral pH soap too.
Rinse the duvet at least two times to ensure you’ve got rid all soap residue.
Do not dry the duvet on a heated cycle.
Every once and a while, remove the duvet from the dryer and hang it up. Shake it for several seconds and put it back, still in a cool setting.
Do not apply the duvet until it is thoroughly dry and plump.
Finally, you may need to wait about half a day to go through the whole process, so best to start it on a day off or over a weekend.
Repeat this course every two to three months.
A luxury duvet is a fantastic long term investment as well as the prefect sleep ally! With the right love and affection it will last a long time so please look after it!

December 18th 2009

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