Top 3: Things to look forward to when returning from holiday

We’ve all been there. Your holiday is about to come to an end, you’ve had a lovely time and don’t really want to return home. As the summer holidays are nearly over and the schools getting prepared for the start of a new term, now is the time of year which seems most appropriate to remind you of some of best home comforts – it’s not all doom and gloom everyone…

#1 Sleeping in your own bed

Where else can we start but by mentioning the delights of your own bed. After a long holiday, many of us can’t wait to relax in the familiar surroundings of your own bedroom and we certainly agree. A nice hotel is wonderful, but sometimes it just doesn’t compare to your own bedroom tastes. Catching up on all those late evenings on holiday makes us appreciate home comforts even more.

#2 Not having to live out of a suitcase

Having a nice large wardrobe to select your favourite styles feels great after you come home. At home, having a wardrobe where everything is neatly sorted away is wonderful as you know where everything is. Compare this to a holiday suitcase where the one thing you always need is on the bottom of the lastly checked pile!

#3 Home cooked food

We all enjoy sampling the local cuisines of our holiday destinations, but sometimes nothing beats your favourite dinner prepared the way you have always liked it. On holiday, you’re also likely to consume more than you need too, so getting back to familiar foods and familiar routines can make us feel very happy indeed. Don’t forget that our body is a giant clock and so returning to its pre-set, day-to-day eating routine will make you naturally feel more at home.

Is there anything you think we’ve missed out above? Let us know in the comments below.

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Feather & Black.

August 21st 2017

Posted by: Feather & Black