My Perfect Bedtime: Head of Buying

This week we caught up with Phillipa, who is Head of Buying here at Feather & Black. Take a look at her #MyPerfectBedtime choices below.

F&B: What’s your perfect bedtime routine?

Phillipa: A bath before bed, getting into fresh laundered sheets.

What’s your perfect bedtime read?

I’m happy if I can have a quick read of a glossy magazine, by my bed the moment is Living Etc, Vogue and Red magazine.

What or who is your perfect bedtime partner?

A glass of wine, and my husband! 

What’s your perfect nightwear?

Brushed cotton in the winter and anything cotton and light in the summer when it’s warm. 

Where would be your perfect place to fall asleep?

My bedroom (once we have finished decorating the room!)

Where would be your perfect destination to wake up?

It would have to be Thailand in a beach hut, hearing my kids run around on the beach.

What’s your perfect kind of bed?

A Super King Feather and Black Versailles bed, so my kids can all play in my bed at the weekend. I’m also saving up for a luxurious Wordsworth mattress.

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August 11th 2017

Posted by: Feather & Black